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Finding a publisher

Analysing your readership
Be realistic about what your work has to offer and the competition it will be up against in the marketplace. Is it riding a crest or a dying trend? Is it unique? Hard to place, but immensely rewarding? What is new about it and what is going to tap into familiar reading experiences?

Before a manuscript can reach its ultimate readership, the book-buying public, it must pass the scrutiny of agents and/or publishers.

Publishers are concerned with quality of writing but also have many other considerations, some driven by the demands of the marketplace. These include:

consistency with their list/preferences;
profile of their organisation;
time constraints and cost of promotion.


Choosing and targeting a publisher or agent
Research suitable publishers and agents.

Inform yourself about the direction, philosophy, fields, requirements, distribution etc of a targeted publisher

Research on publishers’ lists

Customise the presentation of your manuscript for each publisher

Concentrate on representing your work as impressive, original and marketable in your covering letter/documents

Think about what publishers’ readers will be looking for in a manuscript

Identify your influences, thematic relatives, subgenres and present yourself to publishers as offering something new to the field




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